Top Six CBD Oil Myths and Misconceptions

There’s a lot of information on the internet about CBD, but what is fact and what is a myth?

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Myth 1: CBD will get you high.

False! The psychoactive properties in cannabis come from THC – not CBD, and lead to many CBD oil misconceptions.

CBD is not psychoactive and will not get you “high.”

With tested and purified CBD, you won’t fail a drug test for work.

Myth 2: Full-Spectrum and Isolate CBD are the same.


Isolate CBD and Full-Spectrum are not the same.

CBD isolate has been removed from 100s of other cannabinoids found in hemp. Full-spectrum CBD includes many other compounds from the hemp plant. These compounds work together synergistically resulting in increased efficacy and bioavailability than CBD isolate.

Myth 3: Synthetic CBD and Hemp-Derived CBD are equally effective.


Synthetic CBD only mimics CBD, but doesn’t account for all the other plant compounds. This makes it similar to an isolated CBD pharmaceutical. Synthetic full-spectrum CBD does not exist.

Myth 4: Hemp-derived CBD isn’t as good as marijuana-derived CBD.


CBD from hemp and cannabis plants are the same. CBD is CBD, not matter the source. Hemp naturally has less THC than marijuana making it a safer choice for CBD oil extraction.

Myth 5: CBD is the same as medical marijuana.


There are two types of CBD:

Hemp-derived CBD and cannabis-derived CBD. Hemp and cannabis are different varieties of the same plant species. Hemp-derived CBD is not cannabis. In most states, hemp-derived CBD is available without a prescription.

Myth 6: CBD is only safe for adults.


Many children safely take CBD regularly. However, like anything, CBD may not be suitable for all children. Do thorough research and consult a physician to decide what’s right for your child.

Educate yourself on the facts about hemp and CBD. The power of hemp-based solutions can provide tremendous relief to people suffering from a wide array of ailments.

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